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Daniel Lew CEO and founder of Scale Ads has been involved with helping online businesses succeed for the past 12 years. From helping out online ecommerce websites to local businesses and everything else inbetween there isn’t a job too big or small that Daniel and his team can not accomplish. Feel free to get in touch and see what we can do for you.

Scaling Your Business to the Moon

We will sit down and give you advise, suggestions, goals and a strategy to meet and exceed your needs.

Delivering Services

We will come up with a plan of action, timeframe and give you a solution within a reasonable budget.


"We take our marketing efforts very seriously. The secret to sell effectively all starts with a strong foundation, then all the finer pieces are refined on a continual basis to bring maximum return for your spend, once all elements are set perfectly there is no limit on how far you can scale" - Daniel Lew - CEO of
Project Achievement

Korean Hut is one of our clients where we have developed the branding, straight through to website, and online marketing and will eventually accomplish franchising.

Project Achievement

Slim Fruity is one of our clients where we used influencer marketing on Instagram and created brand awareness trust and as a result achieve viral engagement campaigns going with reviews and then push those onto Facebook .

Project Achievement

Urban Street Zone - 115,000 Followers on Facebook and 10,000 clients as a result of services.